Blossom Smoke Cleanser

Invite in new energies with the new season. BLOSSOM welcomes energies of Harmony, Passion, and Prosperity during times of change and rebirth. These beautiful wands are formulated to cleanse and erase negative energy in your space and welcome in harmony, prosperity, kindness, love, and bounty during times of change, transition and new beginnings.

Made with: Cedar, Wormwood, Roses, Baby's Breath, Apple, Eucalyptus

Wormwood-Psychic vision, spirit evocation, hexes and curses, banishment reversal magic
Eucalyptus - cleansing, refreshing
Roses- Love, Adoration
Apple- Prosperity
Baby’s Breath- Sincerity
Cedar- Protection, Banishment


This alternative smoke cleanser does not contain white sage.

Blossom Smoke Cleanser

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